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Our screen acting programs are designed for students specifically wanting a career in the film and television industry. We cater workshops to the actor just beginning his or her journey, to professional actors simply wanting to keep their craft dusted and alive. As a student at the Film & Television Studio International you will have the opportunity to study under working actors, film & television directors, dramaturges and some of the best actor trainers in the country.



This program focuses entirely on script analysis, text break down, character performance, and how this ultimately leads to a realistic/naturalistic screen performance. Student actors on a weekly basis will work on current film and television scripts, will have rehearsal time, and then under the direction of your actor trainer, will perform directly to camera. Playback and constructive criticism will be available in most classes. These intensive on-camera sessions have without question been the key ingredient to performers ultimately moving on to secure roles in Television commercials, TV Dramas & Film. Past and present students have worked with some of the biggest names in the business including Geoffrey Rush, Judy Davis, Deborah Messing, Vince Colossomo, and local stars including Marcus Graeme, Callum Mulvey, Alison Whyte, Daniel McPherson, Shane Bourne, Noni Hazlehurst and many more.



The Open Program is conducted by the Artistic Director of the Film & Television Studio International, Craig McMahon. Craig is also the CEO of national management company McMahon Management (MCM), and is directly responsible for teaching and launching emerging performers, currently starring in television dramas and feature films and who are now considered household names.

This practical on-camera class will have you up performing on camera from day one. During each session, class time is allocated for play back and constructive group feedback. An exceptional acting coach and inspiring motivator, Craig works with his actors on every aspect of the business, from training, to image, to marketability and promotion. Under his tutelage, students have gone from complete beginners to working award winning actors.



As an actor your voice is one of the most important instruments that you have. By mastering it, you will be able to connect both physically and emotionally to the text, which will breathe truth into your characters and ultimately bring your scenes to life.

One of our most popular programs, Voice & Character for Screen is quite unlike anything that has been held at the Film & Television Studio International. You will learn a unique approach to film and television acting using advanced Text and Character work which will ultimately challenge and stretch each and every one of you (individually) as performers. The approach is fun yet informative and totally dedicated to how you the actor relates your voice to text. Students will cover Shakespeare, film and contemporary television drama scripts.


    Throughout the duration of this program you will explore:
  • Practical and useful warm ups that are appropriate to film and television
  • How to decipher and perform Classical Text
  • Rehearse and perform monologues and scenes from Shakespeare, The Greeks, Chekhov, Ibsen and Strindberg
  • Apply voice to contemporary theatre texts: scenes from Howard Barker, David Edgar, Andrew Bovell and Katherine Thompson
  • Apply voice to contemporary film and television scripts
  • A selection of monologues and scenes (by mutual agreement) will be performed on the last day of the course for the directors at McMahon Management as well as family and friends.



This program is totally focused on young actors and teenagers with the emphasis being on screen performance, effective screen testing and how to break down the meaning behind the scene rapidly and tell a clear yet compelling story through the eyes of the writer, director and you the actor. Our aim is to train and support our young performers and bring to them a true and uncensored depiction of the realities of fast turnaround television. We want our actors to be prepared and trained in a way that has them not just nail that all important screen test, but enjoying the process of acting that is both creative and personally fulfilling.

Students will be provided with a script book prior to the commencement of the workshop. All scenes will be recorded and played back for constructive critique in most classes. These sessions will enable actors to break down scenes for fast turnaround television, develop characters and gain a deeper understanding about on set etiquette. Our open door policy allows parents to view their children’s work any time they like. For further piece of mind both our Melbourne and Brisbane studios are tightly secured with an automatic locking system ensuring all students are safe and secure at all times.



This unique program is set a part from any other dialect program available today in Melbourne & Brisbane. Actors work on current USA film & television scenes, under the tutelage of some of the most highly regarded dialect coaches in the industry. With the enormous interest in Australian talent, make sure you’re ready when opportunity knocks. This ongoing program continues to empower the actor when auditioning in the American market.



These programs are professionally designed by the Master teacher in the area in which they specialise. The faculty for these Masterclasses since 1999 include: Esteemed dramaturge Andrea Moore, responsible for bringing Practical Aesthetics to Australia; Multi AFI Award winning Film & Television Director Peter Andridikis; Film & Television Director Kate Woods; Founder and Creative Director of the Actors Centre, Sydney and 3 time published author, Dean Carey; and awarding winning Television Director Mark Piper, to name a few. Class numbers are kept extremely small. Previous training and/or credits required.

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