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  • Ashleigh Brewer (The Bold and the Beautiful; Neighbours)

    Attending classes at Film & Television Studio International has enabled me to work in the Australian & American television industries.  The lessons, provided by highly qualified industry professionals enabled me to learn the important skills required for preparing for auditions, developing a character and working in front of the camera. Even though I have been lucky enough to secure air time within the Australian television industry, I still attended lessons at Film & Television Studio International as I recognize the valuable skills and support that both the classes and team continue to offer".

  • Benita Grimaldi (No Two Snowflakes; Danger 5)

    "Film and Television Studio International gave me a great insight into the world of acting and helped me hone my skills in a number of different areas including voice, movement and improvisation. We worked a lot to camera which provided me with a much better insight into my work and allowed me to train in a fast turn around television environment. Our trainers were incredible and unique, providing us with valuable information about their chosen area of expertise in the industry". - Benita Grimaldi

  • Chris Milligan (Neighbours; Dead Gorgeous; The Pacific)

    "It’s good to know that when attending Film & Television Studio International, I’m in a great environment to learn but also to be challenged week in and week out."

  • James Schaw (Gallipoli; House Husbands)

    "Being a part of Film & Television Studio International is an experience that I wish I could have every day. Working on my craft so regularly and intensely, while working with such a board range of trainers was a great insight into the world of fast-turnaround television. I am now more confident at auditions and in the choice I am making."

  • Lester Ellis Jr (Ja'mie: Private School Girl; Fat Tony & Co; Wentworth; Nowhere Boys)

    "Film & Television Studio International has been one of the most important and vital parts of building my foundation as an actor. The industry professionals that I have had the opportunity to work with, through the various courses, have been paramount to my development and understanding of acting processes. I have also found that I have delivered some of my best work when working with Craig McMahon. I find his in-depth knowledge and passion for coaching actors invigorating and it inspires me".

  • Luke Mitchell (The Tomorrow People - CW USA; Home & Away; Silver Logie winner 2010)

    "Film & Television Studio International challenged me to get out of my comfort zone, take risks, work hard and ultimately become a better actor."

  • Micheal Doonan (The Railway Man) starring Nicole Kidman & Colin Firth

    "As an actor, I can't emphasise the importance of taking regular classes enough. Actor's are students their entire lifetime. You may go years before you work professionally, and you need an environment that allows you to refine your talent and increase your skills.  I first started taking classes with Film & Television Studio International in 2010, fresh from studying drama at Uni, and not a whole lot of knowledge of what to do next. I immediately fell in love with the enthusiasm of the teachers and the intimacy of the classes. If I wanted to learn something about the craft, the business or whatever it was encouraged to be brought up and discussed at length. From these classes I started to realize that acting could be a career if you applied yourself seriously. Without the guidance I received from the studio I don't know if I'd be still chasing my dream job. It helped shape my path and continues to do so".  

  • Taylor Glockner (Neighbours; Conspiracy 365)

    "I wouldn’t be where I am today without Film & Television Studio International. It taught me so much, I loved it. Wouldn’t trade that knowledge for the world."