Scott Major

Term 3, 2021

Term 3, 2021

Damien Bodie



  • Adrian Brunato - Full Time Student

    "An absolute blessing to take part in this course. It will test you and build character in the best way possible and it will allow you to work with some of the industries best. The knowledge and skills I have gained from this course has not only helped me become a better actor but has also helped me gain an understanding of who I am as a person, build confidence, and know what I want out of life. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is seriously looking to take acting head on and never look back!"

  • Aimee C - Full Time Student

    "Without a doubt this course has changed my life. Film & Television Studio International has given me so many opportunities to explore and develop my craft. The support and guidance given by all of the teachers, in particular Craig McMahon, has seen me grow as an artist and person. I highly recommend the course".

  • Alex Fox - Full Time Graduate

    "My time at Film and Television Studio International was without a doubt one of the best times of my life. The course curriculum and teacher quality is beyond anything else I have read about or experienced personally. I walked away from the full time course with the knowledge and skills needed to start out in the industry. Every single week I was challenged and pushed to better improve my craft and above all the space and support offered from the girls and Craig are second to none. In my opinion, the only choice when it comes to first class education and training in regards to screen acting".

  • Alex Lloyd - Full Time Student

    "I've been lucky enough to study with an amazing group of people under Craig McMahon this year. Craig and his teachers cover all aspects of acting to give you a holistic view of what acting is, while allowing you as an actor to figure out what works best. Couple that with the constant camera exposure and bonafide behind-the-scenes industry tips, I have never felt so prepared. Can't miss this opportunity".

  • Ambrae Jamae - Full Time Graduate

    "The team at Film and Television Studio International are the most supportive and professional team I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I completed a full time course in 2015 and this amazing team has continued to support my craft as an actor ever since. I recommend Film and Television Studio International to all actors, whether you are in the early stages of developing your craft or maintaining and managing your craft on its life long journey. Each session is completely worth it with new ways of exploring your skills at every corner. Be prepared to meet your challenges within an amazingly supportive environment. The trainers are highly skilled professionals, connected to today's industry. Their knowledge being current and relevant to each and every experience. In my experience there was no time wasted. Every second of the course was well worth it".

  • Amy Sia - Full Time Graduate

    "I've been training here since 2015 and will continue to do so. As a full-time program graduate, I highly recommend training with them. Their course structure, facilities and teachers/staff are of utmost standard".

  • Andy Portelli - Full Time Gradaute

    "I've trained at Film & Television Studio International for the last year and a half. Both studying the full-time course and 8 week text to screen-test programs, I've learnt invaluable skills from working professional trainers and mentors. Not only has this institution provided me with key skills and knowledge, they've also allowed me to showcase my skills to various directors and casting directors within the Australian Film and TV industry. The faculty are warm and approachable whilst always providing a helping hand when needed. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to further their acting skills and career."

  • Angus McColl - Full Time Graduate

    "A brilliant school for all actors. Here you will learn invaluable skills with some of the most profound and knowledgable trainers from around the world. It truly is a place for growth as an individual and as an actor. A place that harnesses the people who have a love for the art of acting. The schools reputation speaks for itself and it comes highly recommended for those who wish to push themselves into places they never imagined".

  • Ashleigh Brewer (The Bold and the Beautiful; Neighbours)

    "Attending classes at Film & Television Studio International has enabled me to work in the Australian & American television industries.  The lessons, provided by highly qualified industry professionals enabled me to learn the important skills required for preparing for auditions, developing a character and working in front of the camera. Even though I have been lucky enough to secure air time within the Australian television industry, I still attended lessons at Film & Television Studio International as I recognise the valuable skills and support that both the classes and team continue to offer".

  • Ashley Sawko - Foundation Program Graduate

    "I have been studying at Film & Television Studio International for about 5 years now and I find the courses there to be absolutely exceptional. The quality of curriculum and teachers they provide are among the best, certainly the best I've come across. The staff are all incredibly supportive and attentive. It's a really great place to learn and grow. I highly recommend it!"

  • Ashley Stocco - Foundation Year Graduate

    "I have done a number of classes here, including the Foundation Program and the 8-week courses, which have allowed me to meet and learn from some amazing actors, directors and producers currently working in the industry. The knowledge, experience and opportunities I have gained are invaluable and every year I continue to learn and grow".

  • Benita Grimaldi (No Two Snowflakes; Danger 5)

    "Film and Television Studio International gave me a great insight into the world of acting and helped me hone my skills in a number of different areas including voice, movement and improvisation. We worked a lot to camera which provided me with a much better insight into my work and allowed me to train in a fast turn around television environment. Our trainers were incredible and unique, providing us with valuable information about their chosen area of expertise in the industry". 

  • Bianca Conry - Full Time Student

    "I can't speak highly enough of their Full Time Professional Program, which has provided me with so many tools and opportunities this year. Such an amazing course to enhance yourself as a performer, and a person. I definitely recommend this course for anyone who is serious about their acting".

  • Cassandra Heart - Full Time Student

    "The full time course with Film and Television Studio International is second to none. Heading into the final 10 weeks of the course and I can say that I have never been so challenged to push my boundaries and grow as an artist. Under the guidance of Craig and the vast array of trainers and mentors we are privileged enough to work alongside, I have seen my self not only grow as an actor, but as a person. The curriculum is comprehensive and you have so much opportunity to work on your craft and explore the methods taught by highly skilled professionals. Film and Television Studio International has opened up a world of possibilities to an aspiring actor, and given me a whole new family of like minded, talented individuals. This is a must do course for anybody serious about their acting career".

  • Celeste Jamae - Full Time Student

    "Definitely recommend the film & television course! It is an amazing experience. It offers so much valuable learning and support, and the chance to work with great trainers from the industry!"

  • Chris Milligan (Neighbours; Dead Gorgeous; The Pacific)

    "It’s good to know that when attending Film & Television Studio International, I’m in a great environment to learn but also to be challenged week in and week out."

  • Diana Joselle - Full Time Graduate

    "In 2015 I completed the full time acting training program created by Film & Television Studio International. It is through their efforts that we went on to learn from some of the most well respected actors, directors and teachers within the industry. This was a unique program, which not only offered the broadest of educational opportunities possible, but a school that is deeply passionate about acting and the industry as a whole. With great thanks to Craig, Dominique and the rest of the team for this wonderful opportunity and experience".

  • Ethan McErlean - Full Time Student

    "I've been studying under Craig McMahon and his fantastic team this year and I've never seen such a growth in my craft. The thing that makes this course stand out from the rest is the phenomenal program sculptured by Craig and taught by incredible industry professionals. I am a proud student of this course and hope to continue the amazing classes with Craig and his staff. Film & Television Studio International is Australia's best school for training actors for the film and television industry!"

  • Georgia Eyers - Full Time Graduate

    "Having graduated the Full-Time course, I now feel very well equipped going onto set. The team at Film & Television Studio International are so nurturing and helpful. I would highly recommend the Full-Time course but can also suggest the other term classes. Very flexible even if you work full time and still want to learn. Recommend them highly!"

  • Ian Mackenna - Full Time Gradaute

    "Been training at this amazing school for over 3 years and I can't begin to describe how much I've learned and the opportunities I've received from doing so. Love the fact it's taught by industry professional and is very hands on training!"

  • Jake Nicola - Full Time Graduate

    "The team at Film & Television Studio International really understand acting and were able to guide me to become a more confident and relaxed actor. I have had the pleasure of being trained by some of Australia's most elite trainers, who each care about getting the best out of their students. Not only did Film & Television Studio International transform me as an actor, I was also able to personally grow in other ways, which made the full time course that much more rewarding".

  • James Schaw (Gallipoli; House Husbands)

    "Being a part of Film & Television Studio International is an experience that I wish I could have every day. Working on my craft so regularly and intensely, while working with such a board range of trainers was a great insight into the world of fast-turnaround television. I am now more confident at auditions and in the choice I am making."

  • Jennifer Rose

    "Brilliant school, brilliant staff, brilliant teachers. Couldn't recommend them highly enough and for people looking to work in the film and tv industry this training actually teaches you how to get there and what is required. Not only that, they check in with you and support you all the way".

  • Lester Ellis Jr (Ja'mie: Private School Girl; Fat Tony & Co; Wentworth; Nowhere Boys)

    "Film & Television Studio International has been one of the most important and vital parts of building my foundation as an actor. The industry professionals that I have had the opportunity to work with, through the various courses, have been paramount to my development and understanding of acting processes. I have also found that I have delivered some of my best work when working with Craig McMahon. I find his in-depth knowledge and passion for coaching actors invigorating and it inspires me".

  • Luke Mitchell (Blindspot Series 2 & 3; Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D; The Tomorrow People; Home & Away; Silver Logie winner 2010)

    "Film & Television Studio International challenged me to get out of my comfort zone, take risks, work hard and ultimately become a better actor."

  • Marlaina McPhillips - Full Time Graduate

    "Film & Television Studio International has delivered the highest quality and practical training I have ever received. The access to industry professionals was phenomenal and this course honestly changed my life. I cannot recommend this course enough and look forward to continue my studies here".

  • Micheal Doonan (The Railway Man) starring Nicole Kidman & Colin Firth

    "As an actor, I can't emphasise the importance of taking regular classes enough. Actor's are students their entire lifetime. You may go years before you work professionally, and you need an environment that allows you to refine your talent and increase your skills.  I first started taking classes with Film & Television Studio International in 2010, fresh from studying drama at Uni, and not a whole lot of knowledge of what to do next. I immediately fell in love with the enthusiasm of the teachers and the intimacy of the classes. If I wanted to learn something about the craft, the business or whatever it was encouraged to be brought up and discussed at length. From these classes I started to realise that acting could be a career if you applied yourself seriously. Without the guidance I received from the studio I don't know if I'd be still chasing my dream job. It helped shape my path and continues to do so".  

  • Nathan McCarron - Full Time Graduate

    "Great course, no stuffing about as it really shapes and readies you to work in the industry. Without studying here, I probably wouldn't be a working actor at the moment. Highly recommend".

  • Nick Bracks - Full Time Graduate

    "Film and Television Studio International is by far the best acting school / community that I have ever come across. I have been fortunate enough to participate in the courses on offer over the past couple of years and have learnt everything I know about acting (and a lot about myself) in the process. They provide practical classes and workshops with the best acting teachers and industry professionals Australia has to offer. I couldn't speak more highly of the studio".

  • Nikolai Egel - Full Time Graduate

    "The work I did in the full-time course with Film & Television Studio International changed my life. It was the most intense and thorough training I have ever done, and the teachers were magnificent the entire way through. The challenge of the courses here are not for the faint hearted, but if you're serious about being an actor, then there is no better place nor people to train with".

  • Peggy Ford - Full Time Gradaute

    "I am a Melbourne Full-time graduate and I still train in ongoing 8-week programs at Film and Television Studio International. I have received invaluable training by some of the best in the industry. It's been challenging and I have been pushed out of my comfort zone and it has only helped me learn, grow and better myself as an actor. I can't recommend them any more highly!"

  • Peter Rossi - Full Time Gradaute

    "If you are serious about acting then there is no place better than Film and Television Studio International! The full time course has changed my life for the better, not only as an actor. Craig and his crew of supportive, informative and committed trainers have given me everything I need to further myself in the industry. Thanks to all at Film and Television International for their continued support and hard work. Love you guys!"

  • Taylor Glockner (Neighbours; Conspiracy 365)

    "I wouldn’t be where I am today without Film & Television Studio International. It taught me so much, I loved it. Wouldn’t trade that time for the world."

  • Zed Jamae - Full Time Graduate

    "This is the place to go! Fantastic trainers who are straight to the point and give a great insight into the reality that is the film and television industry. I have completed the full time course as well as continue to do classes weekly and I have always been more than satisfied with what I learn every lesson! 5 stars easily."